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Spring Arbor Rocks!


Many thanks to the students of Spring Arbor University Business Club who generously donated their time May 10 to help Recycling Jackson with it’s eWaste Collection Day. The hardworking students were a big help and a big contributor to the success of this yearly event.

We would also like to give a shout out to Spring Arbor Township for allowing us to be a part of their annual clean-up day with this eWaste drive. It was a well organized event and many Spring Arbor residents took advantage of it.

Why don’t we recycle more?

Kirk Heinze at

National studies suggest that even when people have ready access to recycling—either curbside or at a nearby center—most still don’t get into the habit. According to Tom Emmerich, President of Kalamazoo-based Schupan Recycling, the key is not necessarily convenience; rather, it is education. Education is one of Emmerich’s “Four E’s” of successful recycling. The others are efficient handling and operations, economically viable markets and ease for the consumer. While each is clearly important, Emmerich believes that changes in our behavior must begin with the knowledge and understanding of why the new activities, including recycling, are beneficial.

Listen also to Heinze’s conversation with Emmerich at the bottom of the article.

Spring Arbor University recycling day

Recycling Jackson will provide electronic waste (e-waste) recycling services at Spring Arbor University’s Green Community Day.

Join us, as well as Sam’s Club and Emmons (who are providing other recycling services), this Saturday, March 26 from noon to 3 p.m. for an exciting green day at SAU.

2011 site open dates

This year, Recycling Jackson is trying something different: closing on our slowest month, February.

So the Recycling Jackson drop-off site will be closed Saturday, Feb. 5 and will re-open on the first Saturday of March. Here are the rest of our open dates for the year:

  • Saturday, March 5
  • Saturday, April 2
  • Saturday, May 7
  • Saturday, June 4
  • Saturday, July 2
  • Saturday, Aug. 6
  • Saturday, Sept. 3
  • Saturday, October 1
  • Saturday, Nov. 5
  • Saturday, Dec. 3

As usual, our site will be open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. each of those Saturdays. We accept donations during your drop off to help offset the cost of recycling the materials.

Our drop off site is located on Monroe St., behind Home Depot and next to Hunt Elementary, in Jackson.

Guilt, not information, works for recycling

How about that.  The Wall Street Journal found that guilt and social norms, not information, is more effective at changing behavior:

Studies dating back at least three decades clearly show the power of social norms. We tend to ascribe our actions to more high-minded motives, or to practical concerns about money. But at its core, our behavior often boils down to that old mantra: Monkey see, monkey do.

Researchers are now learning how to harness that instinct to nudge us to go green.

The article spells out that peer pressure – the guilt at seeing others going green when we don’t – works better than other incentives.  The feeling that your neighbors are greener than you are is more motivational than just about anything, the WSJ finds.

Where to recycle books in Jackson

We got this note from Jim Rossman at Commonwealth Associates:

Northwest Refuse accepts books. They were very accommodating when I showed up with a pickup truck full. They helped me load the boxes of books onto a pallet set atop a fork lift truck.

I also contacted Recycle Ann Arbor. They have two methods of recycling books. Books to be recycled into pulp product are to be taken to their South Industrial Rd. site (734-662-6288; Mon-Sat 9-5; Sunday 10-2). Books (no encyclopedias) suitable for re-use may be dropped off at their 2950 E. Ellsworth Rd. facility (Mon-Sat 9-5). I was told that there is a drop-off charge of $3 at the E. Ellsworth Rd. facility. I believe there is a charge levied at the S. Industrial Dr. station, as well.

Thanks for the tip, Jim!

Cruncy, and recyclable

Imagine that – Sun Chips now comes in compostable bags, says Waste Recycling News:

Snack foods maker SunChips is now packaging its multigrain chips in compostable bags, the company said.

The new bags are made from plant-based polylactic acid. The bags will fully compost in approximately 14 weeks when placed in a hot, active compost bin. The new compostable bags, one of the latest sustainability initiatives from PepsiCo´s Frito-Lay division, will be at full distribution in North America by April 22.

The bags feel kinda funny, but hey – it’s a start!

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