Don’t dump your e-junk!

You can drop off your old electronics at our drop-off site on the first Saturday of each month. Download our latest pricing sheet, or see below for our prices for materials. We can also provide you with a receipt with your tax-deductible donation.

We take everything from TVs to computers to stereos. Basically, if it has a circuit board, we’ll recycle it. Drop off your electronic item at our Monroe Street drop-off site on the first Saturday of each month.

We team up with Valley City out of Grand Rapids to make sure the materials we collect aren’t shipped to a foreign country and burned.

CHARGES FOR electronic waste  (fees off set our actual recycling cost):

CRT computer monitors: Fee – $10

Televisions: See Pricing on Front Page

LCD flat-panel monitors: Fee – FREE
Laptops: FREE
Terminals/CPUs: FREE

Desktops: FREE

Printers, scanners and fax machines: FREE

Combo printer/fax: FREE
Copy machines: FREE
Cabinet-style copiers: Accepted at e-waste drive only

Stereos, radios, VCR, & DVD Players: FREE
Microwaves: FREE
CFLs: $.25 each
4-foot florescent tubes: $.25 each
Alkaline batteries: $1/lb MUST BE SORTED
Cellphones, PDA, MP3, personal CD players, etc: FREE

Remember: you can drop off e-waste at our Brown St. drop-off location on the first Saturday of every month!

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