Recycling MRP - edited

Helping Jackson County Recycle Since 1983

Recycling Jackson’s purpose is to coordinate, plan, and advocate for a clean, healthy environment in Jackson County through recycling.

Recycling Jackson is a non-profit organization. We are not a government agency, and we do not receive government subsidies that defer our operating costs. This is why we have fees to recycle certain items.

Here is our 2016 Recycling Guide.  It’s a double-sided tri-fold brochure, for those who want to print it.

PLEASE NOTE: Our prices have changed for recycling CRT televisions and monitors as it has become more expensive for us to recycle them. CRT means cathode ray tube style televisions and monitors — not flat panel.  For CRT-style computer monitors and televisions up to 19-inch, the fee is $10 per item. 19 to 27 inch CRT televisions are $20 each; over 27 inch CRT televisions are $30 each and projection televisions are $40 each. 

Hazardous WasteWe only accept latex paint. DO NOT put cat litter or anything in the paint can — we accept it in liquid form for recycling. We DO NOT accept oil-based paint or any other hazardous waste.


Our recycler doesn’t accept them and there has been much abuse (as in garbage and other matter) in the bags we’ve received. Meijer, Kroger and other big box stores accept plastic bags for recycling free of charge. We recommend you recycle them there. Better yet – request paper bags or take your own reusable bags when shopping.



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