A Few Things About Us…

After several years of being somewhat silent about recycling issues in our community, we have decided that it is time to share some thoughts for those that want to listen. Social media makes it very easy to accomplish.

Why now you ask? We have been seeing many new faces at the RJ drop off site and that puts a smile on our face.  It is nice to see newcomers to the recycling community and especially since they interested in recycling.  When asked about how they heard about us, most of the time is our website –  so we have decided to expand our offerings.

To start this effort, let me start with a few facts since this issue has come up during our first Saturday collection day. For those that are new to recycling in Jackson or even those that may have forgotten,  RJ is a non-profit.  We receive no government (city, county or state) financial support.  This is the primary reason that we ask for that $2 donation when you pull in the gate. We have existed for 30-plus years and are proud of our heritage. Our mission is to educate the residents of our county about proper recycling of material, provide opportunities to recycle hard to recycle items and to support the growth of recycling in our  community.

If you are so moved,  please consider becoming a member of RJ.  Your support through a membership is greatly appreciated.

Besides the residents of our community, we have a growing number of supportive businesses which we deeply appreciate their support.  Working together we can accomplish more that through individual efforts so stay tuned as we move forward with expanding recycling in our community.