How to opt out of the Yellow Pages

phone book picture

Your phone experience probably goes something like this: you come home to an orange plastic bag with a thick book inside, sitting on your doorstep. You bring in the bag, unwrap the book, and promptly recycle it.

The phone book isn’t anything you ask for – it just kind of appears.

The National Yellow Pages Consumer Choice & Opt-Out Site can put a stop to those automatic phone book deliveries. I type in my own ZIP code and found that I’m eligible for four phone books, which is four too many. By signing up with the Opt-Out Site, you can say “no thanks.”

The site’s how to recycle section is a little anemic. We would’ve liked to see more information on what type of paper phone books use, and which recycling bin makes the most sense. But the association released a sustainability report that outlines more of their environmental philosophy.