Recycle e-waste with Gazelle

Gazelle, says the New York Times, is a way to recycle your electronic waste (e-waste) and get some money back for your gadgets.

Rik Fairlie writes:

Gazelle resells most of the items customers send in and uses recycling as a last resort so that fewer products land in landfills.

Here’s how it works: Go to the site and type the name of your product in the search bar. The site will ask a few questions about the condition of the item and whether you have the original accessories like cables and AC adapters. It then prices your gadget based on current market value and immediately returns a figure. If you want to sell the gadget, click the Add to Box button. The company will even send a postage-paid box for easy shipping. And if your gadget has no market value, Gazelle will still recycle it.

Reportedly, Gazelle makes a profit by selling your scrap electronics on eBay and other auction sites. Up to 80 percent of gadgets find a new home, Gazelle says, and the rest get recycled. They have a no-export recycling policy, meaning your e-waste won’t end up in some third world country, melted for scrap.

Let us know if you try it, and what you think!