Help us recycle your batteries

Battery recycling

Recycling Jackson continues to receive large quantities of alkaline batteries. They are expensive to recycle because of their weight and small size.

We believe we are the only location in town that actually recycles the batteries that you drop off. If you are using another location for this service, inquire as to what they do with the batteries that you drop off.

While some of you are donating, it is not keeping pace with the volume of materials we are taking in. While we are happy to provide this service we cannot do so out of the goodness of our heart. It is important that we cover our costs for this service. We do request $1 per pound to recycle your batteries. It is a internally subsidized price and not strictly enforced. Since our actual recycling cost is much higher than what we charge, in July 2010 we will no longer accept alkaline batteries without a donation.

Sometimes doing the right thing environmentally is a more expensive alternative. Since many of the handheld devices in our lives are battery powered, please consider switching to rechargeable or lithium batteries. We do not charge to recycle those types of batteries once they are expired as the cost is fully subsidized by the manufacturers.